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Camping Better With Custom Koozies

What's a camping trip without a koozie?

Koozies are meant to insulate a chilled beverage from warm air or sunlight. It's been said that they reduce the rate of the drink returning to warmth by 50%!

No matter what your preferred beverage is during your camping adventure, we are 90% sure it's a cold one. We are almost certain of that, because we know most people don't camp when there's snow on the ground.

Think about all the reasons you would prefer to keep your drink colder, longer. Imagine sitting on the beach with your friends a few hours after waking up in your tent and taking a sip of what you thought was a cold can of La Croix. What a bummer it would be to have to finish that warm drink that you barely got to taste! Now imagine the same scenario but in the middle of nowhere, in the mountains or perhaps even the dessert, and having limited access to town to buy extra ice for keeping your drink cold. If you had your koozie, this thought wouldn't even cross your mind!

The best thing about our koozies is that they come in six different colors, and you can personalize them to your liking. No only do they provide you will a colder drink for a longer period of time, they make your experience unique. Business camping trip with custom business logo koozies? I think yes! Or bachelor and bachelorette camping party with custom name koozies? That's another yes!

Check out our different colors and custom fonts to get started on your order below!


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