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Celebrating 4th of July in Custom Style

It's not fourth of July weekend if you aren't wearing red, white and blue!

Better yet, it's not a unique fourth of July weekend if you aren't wearing custom clothing or accessories from your favorite Etsy shops or local businesses!

Did you know that Etsy shops and local businesses design and sell their products based on holidays on a routinely basis? They do this to not only celebrate the holiday but to support their customers in their own celebrations!

They do this by creating one of a kind festive gear that you will likely hold onto for the next holiday season since it won't be found again! That's the beauty in buying custom products.

Tomorrow is the fourth of July, but you are likely celebrating today and tomorrow. Have you thought about what you are going to wear to your party today? Or what dish you are going to take your festive dessert in? Well, now you can! Don't just focus on red, white and blue. Focus on being unique!

Remember that serving plate you bought with red and blue flowers that you have only used once? Or that sombrero hat lined with an American flag on the bottom of the inside? Or your bright red shorts that you really don't like wearing any other day of the year? Today is your day to bring those bad boys out! Someone designed those. Someone made those. Someone did that for you on weekends like this one.

If we just made you realize you have literally nothing customized in your closet or cabinets, don't worry. We can help you! Click the link below to check out how you can celebrate your next holiday in custom style.

For now, enjoy your weekend celebrating America's Independence Day!

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