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Gifting on Independence Day

Independence day is a day in which we celebrate our country being free from control by another country. It is also a day in which we embrace the colors of the American flag: red, white and blue. We do this by wearing our brightest red shorts paired with our blue and white button up shirt. Some of us like to wear American flag logos on our T-Shirts or even a swim suit designed as such. Our favorite bakers, cooks and bartenders always look up recipes to indulge in something savory and sweet and certainly festive! However, it is also tradition to eat American cuisine on Independence day like cheeseburgers and hot dogs topped with ketchup and mustard. Independence day has it's traditions, but you can decide to celebrate in any way that allows you to embrace our country's freedom!

With so much to celebrate, parties are to be had on this day every single year. With parties comes gifts, favors and plenty of sharable items!

We believe the best favors for this holiday are those that exemplify "celebration." Yes, we mean drinkware like shot glasses, tumblers and mugs! Shot glasses are perfect for your friends who don't mind a little hair on their chest. Tumblers work best for your friends who enjoy the less boozy beverages and know how to stay hydrated! Mugs are a good fit for campfire gatherings or nighttime fireworks.

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