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Meaning Behind a Father's Day Gift

What does gift mean, anyway?

The definition of a gift is "a thing given willingly to someone without payment," but we know it means more than that. A gift is supposed to be unique, special and meaningful to the receiver. It is meant to bring joy to the receiver's life. Isn't that the purpose of a gift?

This Father's day, many daughters and sons gifted their fathers something that would bring them happiness. Whether it was a brand new television, a new pair of shoes, hardware tool, or tickets to a baseball, you bet their dad was happy!

That's the true meaning behind a Father's day gift; making your dad smile. After all your dad has done for you.. carrying you in his arms, tying your shoes, dropping you off at school, putting your shelf together, helping you buy your first car, and the list goes on.. he deserves to feel happy!

With that said, we just wanted to say Happy Father's Day from Team Supple.

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