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Infuser Bottle Trend

Infusers provide all day hydration with a boost of flavor and an overall more appealing taste.

Are you someone who carries two tumblers to work every single day? I'm talking to those who put one bottle of water in their bag and one mug full of caffeine in the cupholder next to their driver's seat.

If you think about it, that is a lot of extra work. One bottle + one mug = two dishes and two lids to scrub, wash, rinse and dry after every single work day.

Imagine this ➝ One tumbler with one lid and one infuser inside designated for your preferred flavor. That's automatically less parts to deal with!

The best part about infuser bottles is that you can fill your infuser with literally whatever you want.

For those who value a healthy and active lifestyle, I recommend sliced lemons and cucumbers paired with a mint leaf. Now that is a refreshing taste!

For those who survive off caffeine (trust me, I get it), I suggest grinding up your favorite roast of coffee beans or herbal tea and refilling your bottle as the day moves on! You will be guaranteed a day long recharge.

Have I convinced you yet?

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